Pirates of the Night

Hello everyone and welcome to my page of pirate haunting. I have over the past 5 years done a haunted pirate maze that has grown slowly and now this year we are researching going professional and renting a building and charging admission to cover the costs of rent and construction. I will be using this page to document the process of prop construction, facility setup and other various things related to what I am going through to setup and run this haunt. So far I have gotten my demographics down to be the 18-34 year old and most of this is pulled from Hauntworld. I have begun a business plan as I am finding more and more that the price is going to far exceed the couple thousand I have set aside especially since I am in California and lease rates are insane here for anything of quality. I have contacted a great insurance guy and am working with the local Maverick Media company who runs several radio stations here to put together a advertising and promotions package to get the word out. If anyone has any comments, suggestions, or ideas on anything related to running a haunted house I would love the input, I plan to try and work some sponsorships to help pad the expenses also. Well keep checking in for more updates.