So I spent 5 hours this past Saturday roaming around the NorCal Pirate Festival. Other than my uncanny ability to forget sunblock and turn out lobster red I had a piratey good time. As soon as we drove up we could see the giant mast with sail they have setup, it was an amazing sight. Upon entering it is a little overwhelming as there were thousands of people and the majority of them dressed in some sort of pirate getup. I seen Pirate ghosts and undead pirates from the Pirates of Emerson which is a haunted house in San Jose California. Then I ran into a couple cannibals, it was absolutely awesome they were covered from head to toe in black paint with white paint outlining their skeletal structure, looked way creepy, they even had a crazy walk going on that added to the effect. It took a loop to get the feel for the place, everything was broke into sections which was helpful, some amazing food in the food area, the lines were long but moved fairly quickly but I think everything was a bit overpriced, $5.00 for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is pushing it fellas, I know were pirates and all but really? They had two stages, a kids stage where they did some sing alongs and other things and next to that was a bunch of pirate jump houses for the kids so that was very cool. The main stage had all the musicians and bands going all day long and was always a stopping point as you roamed around. I saw many pirate merchants some I knew of and some I did not and I even saw Bilgemunkey Radio there. As I walked along the water front area I suddenly lost my hearing while looking at the merchant shops, as I turned I saw to my disbelief a row of cannons firing at a pirate ship sailing by and it was returning fire, it was an awesome sight seeing the shore cannons and ship board cannons in mock battle. They had everything at this place, and I only got 5 hours, I hardly had time to take a fraction of what was going on in. As I was leaving my friend told me they had a hit a pirate with a tomato stand, I was like what do you mean, why didn’t you say this earlier. So next year I plan to allow more time and try to make both days since there is so much there to participate in and see but there is such a large crowd it is very easy to walk right past and never know it was there.


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  2. Widow ^_^ on 12.06.2009

    Ello there! This may seem out of the blue because it was so long ago, but I was the lady cannibal with the creepy walk that you saw at Pirate Faire! Thanks for appreciating the effort we put into our costumes that day– it took quite a while as you can imagine :) I’ve been checking cyberspace periodically for photos of that day ever since then, and have yet to find any. You wouldn’t happen to have any of me and my friends you could email me, or know where some are posted, would you?

    Thanks again, mate!
    <3 Widow

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