Archives: November 2010

Pirates Origin Walking The Plank

This concept of pirates making people walk the plank into the sea and such is more romance and media originated than historical.

Age Of Sail Pirate Gun Crew

Battle at sea was a dangerous event, not only did you have to face shrapnel from shots hitting the ship but you had to actually fire the guns aboard your own ship. The dangers of firing a gun aboard a ship were numerous but if the crew was well trained they were able to minimize this. A gun crew aboard a ship varied in size from 4 to 14 and could consist of even more on larger guns with available [...]

Flames of Hell: Firing a 24 Pounder

The gun captain watched through the port waiting for that perfect moment when the ship rocked just high enough to see the barrel of the 24 pound cannon line up with the mast of the enemy ship. At that moment he lit the fuse on the cannon from his spot just off to the side of the cannon and leaned back as the fuse burnt down quickly and then a burst of fire spit up out of the fuse hole [...]